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Sam Habsamim Iron Candle

Sam Habsamim Iron Candle

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Spiritual Awakening

Sam Habsamim  (The Perfume Drug) 

This blend will take on a spiritual journey, thousands of years back in history...

These were some of the first oils ever used in the First Temple.


MYRRH: was an ingredient of Ketoret: the consecrated incense used in the First and Second Temples at Jerusalem. Myrrh has an uplifting scent that promotes calmness, tranquility, and greater spiritual awareness.

FRANKINCENSE: The aroma is very powerful and has been used to promote relaxation for ages. It combats negative emotions and lifts the spirits while balancing mood.

CLOVE: Coveted as as a spice down through the centuries because of its warm, sweet and aromatic essence

CINNAMON: Clears head and aids in mental concentration, supports self-acceptance, self-love, and self-confidence.

ORANGE:  has an uplifting fragrance of warmth and happiness that can help combat anxiety and depression.

Important! Stop burning your candle when only 6mm. of wax remains.

Burn time: 60 hrs.+
Volume: 500 g

Iron vessel made by a local Israeli blacksmith. The shape and colors may vary slightly from the pictures because it is a handmade product.

Aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils. They provide holistic therapeutic care: well-being to the body, mind and spirit.

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