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White Copal Incense Resin 15 g

White Copal Incense Resin 15 g

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Spiritual Benefits

Space and energy clearing.


100% pure, natural, raw and unprocessed. 
The crisp, piney, and citrusy scent of copal is traditionally burned for spiritual cleansing, to clear negative energy, purify and protect. It is used to create sacred spaces, to invite creativity, abundance, and positive loving energy. 

What's the Difference Between Copals?

Copal incense is available in different varieties each with a similar scent. Black copal is considered by some the most desirable for its rich and heavy scent. Golden copal has the sweetest scent and offers a good balance. White copal is sweeter smelling than black varieties but not as rich, nor as sweet as golden copal. All three can be used interchangeably, and the choice is up to the individual.


We recommend that you use Charcoal disks when burning your Copal resin. Place your charcoal in a safe dish -you can also fill a bowl with rice, sand or use an incense burner if you have one. Add some salt on top of the charcoal disk for a slow burn. Using a lighter or match, light the charcoal until you can see flickering ambers all over it. Then, place a couple pieces of resin atop the charcoal disk. 

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